Our story

Two passions, one family story

In 1260, Alexandre Villain was born. He was known for his appreciation of fine food and good wine.

750 years later Alexandre Vilain XIIII, the latest descendant of the family, sustain the good old family tradition to be a real foodie. His passion? chocolate!


By bringing both passions and family traditions together, Charles-Eric

Vilain XIIII created in 2009 a new concept called Alex & Alex named after the oldest and youngest generation of foodies.

Alex & Alex is about enjoying all the good thinks of life, better understand what we are eating and drinking and enjoying luxury goods on a simple way. 

Does we all not know an Alex close to us?

Meet The Team


Charles-Eric is an expert for more than 25 years in the tourism, meetings & incentive industry. Passionate about wine, champagne & chocolate forever, he became a well-respected oenologist, giving presentations around the globe. He's eager to discover hidden treasures: exclusive wines, exceptional cocoa beans or just architectural jewels.


Wanda has a romantic relationship with chocolate. It's an open relationship and everyone is very welcome to join. She has been researching the Brussels cultural and food scene for the last five years, acquiring great knowledge about local chocolatiers. She has also been studying fine and visual arts for eight years. An experienced guide, Wanda presents chocolate as fine art.


Alexandre joined the team 6 months ago and is our expert in everything. He loves beer, politics and running everywhere to motivate the teams.




Quality and reliability made our reputation. 

Here are some of the companies that have trust us .

Alex & Alex won the Lifestyle Awards 2018 from the Luxury Travel Guide





Tel: +32476612345

email: info@alex-alex.com
Brussels office: 

Rue Dodonée 122, 1180 Brussels 

Paris Office:

24, rue des réservoirs,

78000 Versailles



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