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Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Fellow Champagne Club Darlings!

To start off the recently suggested newsletter we'd like to present a range of champagnes we recently found at Cora's and which some of you may have tasted already at a previous meeting.

The producer is Laurent Lequart from Passy-Grigny (Vallée de la Marne) and they caught our eyes because we had never seen a Blanc de Meunier before .

Blanc de Meunier

Their range consists of four cuvées. In addition to a 'normal' Brut there are also a Blanc de blancs, a Blanc de noirs, and a Blanc de Meunier. The Brut is priced at €25, the other three come at €30 the bottle. As opposed to other 'Supermarket champagnes' they state their nature boldly on the label and give actual information about the production process too, so they appear to be aimed at a more knowledgable clientele.

We have tasted the Blanc de Meunier and found it to be the right opposite of what we expected for this type of grape (fresh, short in the mouth etc.). Instead it displayed lots of character. Reading the label we learned that thewine was matured in wooden barrels. We suspect that a 100% Pinot Meunier would be so short in the mouth that it would fail to leave any lasting impression whatsoever and that the producers opted for maturation in wooden barrels to circumvent this problem.

We've since tasted the Blanc de noirs too and we liked both of them very much. We certainly intend to try the Blanc de blancs and the Brut as well and will let you know our findings here in this forum in due course.

We hope to have whetted your appetitefor champagne in general and for contributing to this newsletter in particular. Have you tasted a nice bottle recently? Do you know of any wine-fairs or other activities related to champagne and/or other drinks? Please don't hesitate and write a few linesabout it!

All the best

Audrey and Markus

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